Dear Diary

For My Love Of Paper Planners. Happy Planner.

I've been trying to find the perfect planner for me for what seems like forever. I've been off my planner game for a while now until this year when I discovered Happy Planners. I wanted to organize my life. With depression, my memory isn't great but I needed a way to keep track of all my medical… Continue reading For My Love Of Paper Planners. Happy Planner.

Dear Diary

Slowly Becoming Motivated… Again

I used to be so motivated. Once I wanted something... Set my mind to something... I'd go for it. Decided to go back to school? Researched and enrolled within 2 months Didn't like how the school notes given out was put together? Retyped all of the notes Textbook too wordy? Retyped in bullet form Exam… Continue reading Slowly Becoming Motivated… Again