Finding Myself

CHM back to WordPress?

Somehow with me clicking all over the place, I stumbled upon my initial CoffeeHeartMind WordPress site! I had COMPLETELY forgotten that I had started it on a site before switching to .org. Now it's got me thinking. Should I just copy all of the CoffeeHeartMind posts to the site? All for memory's sake? It would give… Continue reading CHM back to WordPress?

Dear Diary

For My Love Of Paper Planners. Happy Planner.

I've been trying to find the perfect planner for me for what seems like forever. I've been off my planner game for a while now until this year when I discovered Happy Planners. I wanted to organize my life. With depression, my memory isn't great but I needed a way to keep track of all my medical… Continue reading For My Love Of Paper Planners. Happy Planner.