We’re always learning about ourselves.

I’ve always loved the idea of blogging. I’ve tried to blog before and it was unsuccessful. Not that I didn’t make money from it (I didn’t and it wasn’t my goal to) but that with life happening around me, I wasn’t able to continue with it.

I only recently started blogging actually. In December of 2016, I started CoffeeHeartMind to share my experiences with living with chronic illnesses. I was finally able to jump in with both feet considering I’ve been on medical leave for over a year at that point. I wanted it to be my little corner of the internet where I could write about whatever my heart desires but it quickly grew to be – what I feel – strictly a chronic illness blog. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining at all! I absolutely LOVE what is has become and truth be told, I’ve got a lot to say about chronic illness. But I started to feel like I couldn’t write about anything unrelated to chronic illness. It would just be so… off.

I wanted to use blogging as a tool to learn more about myself. I wanted a place where I can write my heart out and grow as a person. CoffeeHeartMind has helped me grow and accept myself as someone who will always be chronically ill but I wanted growth in different aspects as well. That feeling gave birth to Infinitely Chelle!   My inspiration for this blog are two books that I own:

  • The ME Journal: A Questionnaire Keepsake by Shane Windham
  • Five-Year Memory Journal: 366 Thought-Provoking Prompts to Create Your Own Life Chronicle

I want to use these prompts and questionnaire to learn more about myself. I’m just putting it out here for the whole online world to see. Not only am I going to be using the prompts from the book but also all of the prompts that are available online. Since there are lots of different types of prompts out there, I’ll be setting each one up as a category of their own so that they’re easier to find.

I want this blog to be a place where I can write without limits. So while I grow as a person, I’m hoping to share different aspects of my life: books I’ve read, movies/shows I watch, recipes I’ve tried for example.

I hope you’ll join me in my journey. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot about me throughout.

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