Journal Prompt

This week I’m…

Watching: multiple nature shows on Netflix

Trying: to blog everyday

Cooking: shepherds pie

Eating: shepherds pie and apple strudels

Drinking: Tim Hortons French Vanilla 

Texting: my Mr because he’s at work

Pinning: prompts for this blog

Tweeting: my posts on two accounts!


Doing: laundry and vacuuming

Going: to see my psychiatrist for the first time

Loving: being able to relax, wake up on my own time

Hating: that my skin is flaring up 

Enjoying: watching the cats run around the house super hyper 

Feeling: extremely lethargic because of my medications

Hoping: that I will actually sleep well tonight

Listening to: Disney songs on Youtube

Celebrating: my mom and Riley coming home from the almost-3-week trip to the Philippines


Considering: of posting my birth story on this blog instead of CoffeeHeartMind

Finishing: two blog posts (When the tables turn and it’s not you feeling unwell, and my birth story)


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