Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal: The Introduction

Why start a gratitude journal?

During my search for prompts, I kept seeing gratitude prompts. I’ve never had a gratitude journal before and wouldn’t even know where to start. I knew that I wanted to try it though. During my search, I ran into a study done by Robert Emmons that reveals why gratitude is good for us. What caught my eye was the effects of the 3-week study and his explanation for such benefits! After I read the study, I was convinced!

As someone who is chronically ill, I believe that finally starting a gratitude journal would benefit me so much! Almost a wonder why I didn’t start this earlier!  I know that it’ll probably be very challenging at times and that is the reason why I probably won’t be doing it everyday. I know that it’s typically a daily journal, but I don’t want to pressure myself into completing one everyday. I don’t want it to become a chore.

I’m quite excited to start this. I am hoping that starting this will help me conquer my depression.


Have you ever had a gratitude journal? How did you feel afterwards? Let me know in the comments!


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