Day 1: This or That

This should be interesting. My preferences are bolded and underlined.

Short stories OR Long novels

A yard OR A terrace

Beer OR Wine

No science OR No religion 

Table OR Booth

Crossword puzzles OR Sudoku puzzles

Boat OR Plane

Host a party OR Attend a party

A twin brother OR A twin sister

Pets OR Plants

Asking questions OR Answering questions

Lakes OR Rivers

Whole milk OR Skim milk

Staying up late OR Sleeping in

Lectures OR Debates

Magic show OR Stand-up comedy

Pants OR Shorts

Quality OR Quantity

Be rich OR Be famous

East Coast OR West Coast

Eating too much OR Eating too little

Work in a team OR Work alone

Vegan diet OR Low-card diet

Ballet OR Opera

Poetry OR Prose


Phone calls OR Text messages


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