365 Series: The Introduction

CoffeeHeartMind has helped me so much when it comes to my illnesses. It’s great to be able to get things off your chest sometimes. It’s helped immensely to slowly get me out of my depression. I find it so rewarding to be able to touch someone’s life through my writing.

But one of the reasons that I started Infinitely Chelle is to find myself. We’re always learning about ourselves throughout our lives and I want to use blogging for that reason. I own a few thought-provoking questionnaire books and I want to use them as topics for this series. Sure, I won’t be posting everyday but I’ll be using the topics it covers.

Maybe not all the topics will help me “find myself” but I’m hoping that at the end of this series I’ll be a better person than who I am now.

I hope you will stick around. Who knows? Maybe it’ll inspire you to start your own 365 Day journey.


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